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Classes of information

Classes of information

Who we are and what we do
Organisational information about the Authority and its structure, including location and contact details, constitutional and legal governance. The class does not include information about particular members of staff or other individuals that is deemed to be personal data under the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018.

What we spend and how we spend it
Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

All commercially sensitive information (e.g. quotations and tenders, loan documentation and insurance policies) is excluded from publication. Information about quotations and tenders is treated as confidential during the period leading up to an award of a contract to ensure that the whole tender process is fair. If tender information were to be released to a third party prior to the end of the tender period those who initially submitted tenders could undercut and/or unfairly disadvantaged.

What our priorities are and how we are doing
The Authority’s strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

How we make our decisions
Decision-making processes and records of decisions, internal criteria and procedures and consultations. It also includes information about the Authority’s compliance with Part III of the Local Government Act 2000, ensuring high standards of conduct.

Our policies and procedures
Information about current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities, and about policy development.

Lists and registers
Information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the Authority.

The services we offer
Information about the services we offer, leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced for the public and businesses. Under this heading is a range of material produced by the Authority for visitors and educational use, along with promotional material. Publications such as videos/DVDs and information packs may only be available as hard copy. Information leaflets and other material providing visitor or educational information which are already charged for will be available at the published price.

This class of information also includes details of the services for which we are entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees. Policies and procedures relating to the Authority’s Planning Development Control functions can be found in category 5 with planning policy documents.

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