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Guide to commenting

Online: Go to view planning applications and complete at least one of the search criteria. This will take you to a brief overview of the applications meeting your criteria. Select the relevant application, then click the comments tab, complete and submit.

Email: quoting the relevant application number.

Post: Planning Department, Lymington Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG, quoting the relevant application number

If you are making a comment on a current planning application this will be available to view on our website and on the public file held at our offices in Lymington. We are unable to acknowledge comments but they will be published on our website within three working days of receipt by us.

In the event of an appeal a copy will be passed to the Planning Inspectorate. You should therefore only include information that you are happy to be seen by the public, and displayed on our website.


We will take all reasonable steps to remove personal (but not business) telephone numbers, email addresses, and signatures before publication but be aware that names and addresses will be published. (While we do not accept anonymous comments in either paper or electronic form, if you feel there is an exceptional circumstance that requires your name and address to be exempt from publication please make this very clear in any correspondence).  As we need to label any correspondence indicating whether it is in support, objecting or a comment, please make it clear what capacity you are writing under.

Your comments should not include any inappropriate or offensive material or you will be asked to modify your comments and re-submit them before they are published. Inappropriate material will not be published on our website or will be subsequently removed if it is brought to our attention. When commenting on an application you should concentrate on the relevant planning matters. For guidance about what is a relevant planning consideration please refer to the Material Considerations.

Core strategy

Executive Director (Strategy & Planning)


'Our planning work promotes high standards of design in development while retaining and enhancing the Forest’s character.'

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