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3. Objectives

3. Objectives

Re:New Forest – Partnership Plan

Climate – Nature – People – Place – Partnership

In order to deliver the proposed vision, we have focused on five theme-based ‘agendas for action’, which describe in more detail what we want to achieve and how we plan to do it.

In order to deliver the proposed vision, we have focused on five theme-based ‘agendas for action’ which describe in more detail what we want to achieve and how we plan to do it. The themes do not cover all of the work that will be ongoing within the National Park but instead highlight the areas where we intend to work together to achieve transformational change. The themes are intended to be taken together as an integrated package of measures that reinforce one another and work across the landscape.

The agendas for action in this new Plan are very ambitious, and we recognise that they will be challenging to realise, but their inclusion in the Plan is intended to drive and target efforts to work as a high-performing partnership for the New Forest National Park and to secure the funding and resources required.

For the next five years, our collective endeavour will focus on achieving outcomes in five key interlinked areas:

Net zero with nature icon

1. Net Zero with Nature (NZWN) – significant cuts in land-based carbon emissions are secured through restoring natural habitats and enabling carbon capture

Agenda for action:

  • Develop a ‘net zero with nature’ programme with partners and communities to ensure the National Park is carbon neutral by 2050
  • Promote and develop best practice in nature-based solutions to meet climate and nature goals
  • Help communities to take action on the climate crisis.
  • Read more about Net Zero with Nature

Nature recovery icon

2. Nature Recovery – habitats are more resilient, restored, expanded, connected and maintained to enable wildlife to thrive, both within and around the National Park

Agenda for action:

  • Produce a local nature recovery plan to (i) maintain, restore and expand habitats so that they are resilient and support thriving wildlife, (ii) mitigate recreational pressures, and (iii) ensure recreation takes place in the most resilient areas
  • Harness the benefits we receive from nature in the New Forest (‘natural capital’) to generate increased investment and projects to enchance nature and the services it provides
  • Help landowners, farmers and commoners move to the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) which rewards working with nature.
  • Read more about Nature Recovery

Inclusive National Park icon

3. An inclusive National Park– people within reach of the New Forest, of all backgrounds, abilities and socio-economic groups, value the National Park as an important part of their lives and seek to care for it

Agenda for action:

  • Develop opportunties to deliver a ‘Natural Health Service’ within and beyond the National Park, through a programme of measures provided by communities, businesses and the health and environment sectors
  • Foster a greater appreciation of the New Forest, its landscape and cultural heritage.
  • Help new and diverse audiences connect with nature, discover why the National Park is special and how to care for it, with a particular focus on young people
  • Read more about An Inclusive National Park

Thriving forest icon

4. Thriving Forest – a living, working Forest is sustained through its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and support for commoning. There is a vibrant local produce market, access to affordable homes and a growing green economy featuring sustainable tourism and green businesses.

Agenda for action:

  • Protect cultural heritage assets, and support commoning and local produce to sustain the unique natural beauty of the landscape and culture of the New Forest for future generations
  • Invest in green skills and jobs, creating a centre of excellence for a growing green economy
  • Provide more affordable housing.
  • Read more about Thriving Forest

Team New Forest icon

5. Team New Forest – communities, businesses and organisations work together as a team to deliver the vision of the Partnership Plan, sharing knowledge, ideas and resources to deliver the best for the Forest

Agenda for action:

  • Establish new ways of engaging with our communities, hearing their ideas and encouraging grassroots action
  • Ensure the New Forest is leading the environmental agenda by delivering exemplary projects and partnerships and showing how these can support and shape policy and sustainable decisions beyond our boundaries, both regionally and nationally
  • Develop a data, evidence and insights capability to underpin our collective decisions and actions and use up to date technology to help us manage and communicate across the National Park more effectively.
  • Read more about Team New Forest

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