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Help celebrate New Forest heritage by nominating special buildings and features

Help celebrate New Forest heritage by nominating special buildings and features


The New Forest National Park Authority is inviting people to nominate buildings and other features in the landscape so they can be recognised and protected through ‘local listing’.

The New Forest’s buildings are an important element of the National Park’s character, and together with ancient woodlands, heathlands and free-roaming livestock, contribute to what makes the area special and worthy of protection as a National Park.

National planning policy encourages all planning authorities to publish a ‘local list’. Whereas around two per cent of buildings in the National Park are Grade I, II* or II listed by the government in recognition of their national significance, there are many more which are currently included on the New Forest NPA’s Local List. These include Beaulieu Village Primary School; the Royal Oak at Fritham; and the Cloud Hotel in Brockenhurst.

The Local List includes buildings which haven’t made the national standard but are considered important enough locally for their character and appearance to be preserved.

Local listing ensures that the architectural or historic interest of these buildings and assets are recognised and protected. It doesn’t mean there are any further controls that already apply to a building, or that no alterations can be made to them, but does mean the NPA gives special consideration to their conservation when planning applications are submitted.

Thanks to funding received from Historic England, the New Forest NPA is now expanding its Local List. This currently has 2,000 buildings and assets but its coverage remains patchy and incomplete.

As well as buildings, the NPA is inviting nominations for other assets that give the area its character, including archaeological sites and landscape features such as parks, gardens, monuments, street and public works of art (the Cross at Burley, for example, with its finger signpost, war memorial, flagpole and historic buildings). The Local List also currently includes Lyndhurst Cricket Pavilion, Bartley Village Hall, and well-preserved examples of  traditional New Forest cottages and agricultural buildings.

Guided by Historic England advice, the criteria for nominations include age, rarity, architectural and artistic interest, group value, archaeological interest, historic interest, community/social value and landmark status. More information can be found at, where the current Local List can also be seen.

Once submitted, nominations will be assessed by a Local Listing Review Panel and the New Forest National Park Authority Planning Committee. If approved, they will be added to the Local List and the relevant county’s Historic Environment Record.

Gordon Bailey, Chair of the New Forest National Park Authority’s Planning Committee, said: ‘The list celebrates the wonderful things that give the New Forest its special qualities and unique character and does not impose more regulations on homeowners. We’re looking forward to receiving nominations for assets within the New Forest National Park boundary to expand our Local List and preserve the fantastic heritage of the area.’

For more information, and to nominate, go to


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