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State of the Park Report

The State of the Park Report for the New Forest contains a wealth of information about the National Park and will help us to measure changes in the condition of the Forest over time.

It brings together key facts and figures about the area and suggests 18 ‘headline indicators’ to give us a starting point. Over the years these can be measured on a regular basis to build up an overall picture of the changing health of the Forest, showing both where positive changes are taking place and also where there are areas of concern.

The purpose of the Report

The report is for anyone interested in the Forest, both now and in the future, but it is also meant as a technical document forming part of the background evidence for the National Park Management Plan. It will be used during any future review of the Partnership Plan.

A work in progress

Information on recent trends is available for most indicators and this is included in the report. For others we currently only have the initial baseline data, and in a few cases the information is still being gathered.

The State of the Park Report is therefore designed to be a living document which will be developed and updated over time as new information becomes available and as changes occur in the condition of the National Park.

State of the park report

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