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Authority meetings

Authority meetings

About Authority meetings

Our 22 members meet regularly to make decisions on matters relating to the functions of the National Park Authority. These meetings take place throughout the year, usually on Thursday, at Lymington Town Hall.

Certain of the Authority’s functions have also been delegated to committees which it has established and are made up of Authority members. Currently these committees are:

More information on the agendas, reports and minutes of each of the committees as well as their membership and terms of reference can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

Meetings of the Authority and its committees are open to the public and members of the public can submit questions prior to meetings provided notice of at least two full working days is given to Member Services on 01590 646647 or email

To find out more about submitting a question at an Authority or committee meeting please see our Standing Orders.

Decisions made under delegated powers

Any urgent decisions that would have been made by the Authority may be taken by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Chairman, in accordance with the Authority’s Scheme of Delegations. The Chief Executive exercises this power having sought views from the NPA’s members and senior officers.

The following decisions have been made to date:

Date of decisionDecisionFurther informationDetails of any alternative options considered and rejectedWhere the decision falls under paragraph 7(2)(a) [specific express authorisation], name of any Member who has declared a conflict of interest in relation to the decision
15 August 2022Consortium agreementTo extend the end of the agreement period from 2023 to 2025No alternative availableN/A
13 December 2021Amendments to the Standing OrdersTo correct a cross referencing anomalyNo alternative availableN/A
21 October 2021Amendments to the Standing OrdersAmendment to correct error – consequent change to version adopted in August 2021No alternative availableN/A
20 October 2021Amendments to the Standing OrdersTo clarify the procedure for appointing Members to Committees, Sub-committees and Panels under Standing Order 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4No alternative available – process required clarification before the next Annual Authority MeetingN/A
2 September 2021Green Recovery Challenge Fund – agreementTo enter into an agreement with the other parties involved in the bidNo alternatives available – next NPA meeting is not until October 2021N/A
24 May 2021Hampshire Minerals and Waste Partnership AgreementTo enter into a partnership agreement with other Hampshire authorities to update the minerals and waste plan.No alternatives available – work to proceed on evidence base studies to begin as soon as possible and before the next NPA meeting. The principle of joint working and timescales have previously been agreed by MembersN/A


16 Mar 2021Green recovery challenge fund – further expression of interestExpression of interest for the second round of funding for approx. £700k working with four (or maybe five) partners. The NPA’s share would be approx. £180kNo alternatives available – the deadline for expression of interest is 22 March 2021 (three days before the next NPA meeting)  N/A
21 Sep 2020
Amendments to the Standing OrdersTo allow Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen to be appointed at the next meeting of the relevant committee rather than the annual meeting when held remotelyNo alternatives available – Limitations on the electronic voting systems available to us at the annual meeting when held remotely because of the need for a ballot rather than a show of hands


16 Sep 2020To authorise a prosecution at Kenchingtons, Fordingbridge, in respect of an Enforcement Notice that had not been complied withMembers unanimously supported the action in the Part II section of the Planning Committee held on 15 September 2020. However, there was a slight irregularity in the proceedings in that unfortunately the Chairman ended the Part I meeting without a formal vote on going into a Part II sessionNo alternatives available – to ensure procedural correctness N/A
22 May 2020Acquisition of Godshill MeadowNecessary as the offer to acquire the land is time limited.  Following the cancellation of the Authority meeting on 26 March 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions there are no Authority meetings planned within the deadline. Acquisition was considered at RAPC meeting on 16 March 2020

No alternatives availableN/A
20 April 2020Amendments to the Standing Orders

Necessary to allow for statutory meetings to take place remotely in accordance with the Local Authorities and Police Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

No alternatives availablen/a
31 March 2020Approve General Fund Budget for 2020/21 – please see background papers and minutes

Review and decision required by applicable laws and the financial regulations. Decision is also necessary in a general sense in order to allow good management of the NPA’s financial position.

 No alternatives availablen/a
31 March 2020Adoption of Work Programme – please see background papers and minutes

Necessary in order to direct the NPA’s priorities and work for the coming year.

The work programme will be kept under close review by senior officers and members in light of the current public health crisis.

No alternatives available


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