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Wild play

Swap screen time for wild time in the great outdoors. Wild play in the New Forest is great fun, gets you closer to nature – and it’s free. Here are some activity ideas for some wild adventures:

Things to do:

Feel your spring senses

All animals use their senses, can you use yours better? Get outside and go for a walk or play in your back garden.

Smells – what can you smell lying on the ground, soil, freshly cut grass? What about crouching and standing, do the shrubs and flowers smell, is there a smell in the breeze?

Sounds – with your ears to the floor can you hear any footsteps, rustling from the bushes, bees buzzing, can you hear any other animals sounds? Are the birds singing; how many different bird songs can you hear? Are there any birds talking back to each other?

Sights – how many different types of animal can you see? Who are flying, hopping, walking, crawling and squirming? How many different types of spiders or birds can you find? Maybe take a bird watching hand book with you and identify some of them.

For more ideas and adventures to complete, download the spring wild play activities below.


Wild play day in the woods


Dates for your diaries

This year’s wild play events are as follows:

  • Tuesday 14 August – Summer holidays at Whitefield Moor, Brockenhurst
  • Wednesday 24 October – Autumn half term at Holmsley Campsite, Bransgore.

Also visit the Date with Nature experience at the New Forest Reptile Centre for their Wild Wednesdays which are on over the half terms and summer holidays.

The Wild Play Project

The Our Past, Our Future is a £4.4million landscape partnership scheme for the New Forest supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Wild Play is one of the 21 projects and is targeted with implementing three wild play areas in and around the New Forest. Click here for more information on the project and how you can help.

Spring wild play activities



'To reduce the risk of damaging wildfires, campfires are not permitted without the landowner’s permission.'

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