Dog walking

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Dog walking is very popular in the New Forest National Park and in the main dogs, their owners, wildlife, local people and their livestock get on well with each other. It’s great to enjoy the fresh air and exercise, and local dog walkers are amongst the most passionate supporters of the National Park, volunteering their help in a variety of practical ways.

However, with ponies, cattle and other farm animals, sensitive wildlife such as deer, breeding birds and rare plants, and potential hazards (including adders and ticks), special care is necessary when walking in the New Forest. Please also remember that not everyone loves dogs and that no-one likes to step in dog waste!

Learn more about how to walk your dog safely and responsibly while helping preserve the forest’s unique character and ensuring everyone’s enjoyment.

The New Forest Dog Walking Code has been agreed by local people and organisations - do check this out and please follow it during your visit.

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