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The New Forest is an ideal place to leave the car at home, or at your accommodation, and enjoy cycling in the New Forest on the cycle-friendly flat ground.

To make the most of cycling in the New Forest, try our cycle routes.

The National Park has many quiet country lanes, perfect for cycling, as well as over 100 miles of way-marked cycle tracks across the Crown Lands of the Forest. It's easy to hop off a train and go for a cycle ride. Make sure you take care of yourself and the environment by following our New Forest Cycling Code.

Cycling offers a highly sustainable means of getting around the National Park and is cited by 7% of visitors as their main reason for visiting. Cycling can benefit your health, your environment and your wallet, so why not experience cycling in the New Forest National Park?

Key highlights include:

  • Flat, safe traffic-free trails centred around the main cycle friendly villages of Brockenhurst and Burley
  • Over 100 miles of quiet forest trails and the 40mph speed limit on most roads makes it a safer place to cycle
  • Picnic facilities and toilets at several forest car parks
  • An abundance of village tea shops, local stores and forest pubs to provide much-needed sustenance
  • Many more New Forest activities waiting to be discovered.

If you are organising a cycle event, please check the web page of the New Forest Public Events and Safety Advisory Group: New Forest Cycle Event Organiser's Charter

Find out what's being done to improve cycling facilities in the New Forest.

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