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10 family fun activities to do in the New Forest this autumn

With the leaves on the trees changing colour and the presence of acorns and conkers aplenty, autumn is a great time to get out and explore. Don’t be put off by changeable weather though, as warm jumpers, waterproofs and wellie boots all add to the autumnal fun! Keep reading to discover some great autumn activities from our Wild Play Project Officer Claire.

Don’t forget, the New Forest Walking Festival has some great family walks, with plenty of activities for you to take part in, including Forest crafts, seashore creature hunts and den building. Browse the walks and book your place online now on the Walking Festival webpage. The Walking Festival runs from 15—30 October 2016.

  • Leaf rainbows — as the leaves on the trees change colour, it feels as if nature is making its own rainbow. How many different coloured leaves can you find? You could use your leaves to make an autumn rainbow on the Forest floor.
  • Play outside in the rain — put on your waterproofs and your wellies and head outside. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have in the rain! How many raindrops can you catch in your mouth? Don’t forget to go on a puddle hunt; how big a splash can you make?
  • Make a stick man — remember to take some string to tie sticks together.
  • Play hide and seek — hide amongst the trees and bushes. This classic game is made a little trickier in the autumn once the leaves have started to fall from the trees.
  • Sycamore seeds — throw them into the air and watch them fly like helicopters. How long can you keep them flying for?
  • Play with crunchy leaves — there’s nothing better than a pile of crisp, crunchy autumn leaves. You can jump in them, dance in them and throw them into the air above you head.
  • Look for animal prints — with the ground getting damper autumn is a great time of year to head out into the woods and see what animal tracks you can find. You might also be lucky enough to find a feather on the ground. See if you can figure out who they belong to.
  • Wonderful Webs — early autumn mornings are the perfect time to go on a spider web hunt. The dew that catches in them makes them look extra beautiful, so why not take a camera along to record your best finds?
  • Create your own piece of land art — make a picture using materials you can find on the Forest floor. You can use the Forest as your inspiration and create something Forest themed or something you’ve seen that day; perhaps a bird or a New Forest pony.
  • Make a boat with leaves and sticks — there are lots of ways to create a leaf boat, but to help get you started, try using a twig as a mast and attach it to a leaf sail by making two holes up the leaf. Then, find a large leaf or piece of bark for the boat and use a little mud to attach your sail, and away you go!  Remember to always take care when you are near water.

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