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Horse Riding and the New Forest Tour by Sustainable Travel Ambassador Alex

The New Forest is a great place for horse riding, with open access across all of the Open Forest. There is no better way to start your riding adventure than by travelling to a riding school on the New Forest Tour. The Tour is an open-top experience that delivers breathtaking views accompanied by informative audio commentary that covers most of the National Park. The Tour consists of three different routes that have been specifically designed to make the most popular attractions, charming villages and quintessential landscapes of the New Forest accessible to all.

Located in the South West of the National Park, the blue route takes in some of the Forest’s most exhilarating scenery and unique coastal landscape.  

blue route

The New Forest Tour blue route takes you near to Burley-Villa School of Riding. The nearest bus stop to the riding school is at The Rising Sun Pub located at the top of Bashley Common Road. The bus driver can drop you off at the riding school if it’s safe to do so, if not it’s just a five minute walk from the pub. Please note, this country road doesn't have a pavement, so do watch for traffic.

Burley-Villa offer both English and Western style horse riding experiences and cater to all levels of ability. I recently took to the saddle and adventured out on a two hour Western Trail Ride to experience life as a cowboy and explore the Forest from a completely new perspective.

After being introduced to our friendly steeds we took to the arena for a gentle introduction and to practice the techniques and calls of a Western rider. The instructors were very friendly and made sure we were all confident before setting out onto the Open Forest. Once in the saddle and surrounded by the open heathland of the National Park I was excited, yet relaxed.

My horse took great care of me, making it all the more easy to sit back and enjoy the ride. The route we took added to the whole experience as at times we navigated rippling streams and slopes. We also enjoyed the company of New Forest ponies and cattle before picking up the pace from a gentle walk to a faster 'jog' – this definitely got my heart racing! Towards the end of the trek we joined enclosed tracks through woodland; a nice change of scenery before heading back to the Burley-Villa. At the riding school we thanked the instructors and horses for a great day out and chatted with fellow riders over some complimentary refreshments.

The Western Trail Ride with Burley-Villa School of Riding is a fantastic way to experience the Forest and provides a unique interaction with its nature. Both morning and afternoon sessions are available most days and it’s worth booking in advance. Incorporating horse riding with the New Forest Tour works extremely well due to Burley-Villa’s location and it’s a fantastic opportunity that shouldn’t be over looked whilst travelling on the blue route.


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