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How the New Forest National Park is a step ahead of the BBC and Amazon

In the run up to Christmas there was much talk about the online retailer Amazon testing unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers within the next five years. A few weeks earlier the BBC used what they called a ‘hexacopter’ for the first time in a news report.

But they’re not the first to use this exciting technology. In fact, the New Forest National Park Authority used a drone to film five new videos in the summer, highlighting how you don’t need a car to see the best of the National Park. Take a look at the video below for some spectacular shots looking down on a family cycling, hovering over a field full of ponies or tracking the New Forest Tour.

We decided to use a drone because you simply cannot get shots like these with a helicopter, or with ground-based filming equipment such as a jib or dolly.

We used an experienced drone crew who have worked with the BBC’s Natural History Unit. One operator controlled the flight of the rotor-powered remote-control machine, whilst the other concentrated on the camera mounted on a gimbal – a pivoted support for a camera to rotate on a single axis - which offers such smooth shots.

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After permission from landowners, and with a full safety check, the drone was able to fly only meters above a river or soar high for a spectacular panorama. The machine’s low buzzing sound did draw some glances from passers-by, but the Forest’s animals ignored it – completely unfazed by the small flying machine.

Take a look at some more drone shots on our ‘Explore the New Forest’ playlist and see whether it will inspire you to go car-free on your next New Forest visit.

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