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Flying drones

The New Forest is a beautiful place and it is understandably tempting to come here to fly your drone. However, part of what makes the National Park special is its wildlife, free roaming ponies and tranquillity, which can all be affected by the presence of drones and model aircraft.

Consequently the flying of drones (and model aircraft) is controlled to minimise disturbance of wildlife and people.

Flying on public land

Drone flying by hobbyists or commercial operators on Crown Land owned by the Forestry Commission is not allowed without permission. Email

Members of Beaulieu Model Flying Club can operate their drone within a specified area at Beaulieu Heath. You must be a member and have appropriate insurance to fly there.

Flying on land owned by the National Trust is not permitted without their permission.

Flying on private land

Flying a drone for leisure or non-commercial reasons on private land within the National Park is allowed. This is providing you have the landowner’s permission and adhere to the Civil Aviation Authority’s drone code. Note: even if you take off from private land you may not fly over public land without permission.

Commercial users should also have a formal licence from the CAA. You will need appropriate insurance.

Some areas are within restricted airspace, for details please refer to the drone safe website.

Head of Environment and Rural Economy


'To avoid damage and obstruction, please park only in designated car parks, not on a verge or in gateways.'

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