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Brown birch bolete

Brown birch bolete

Brown Birch Bolete (Leccinum scabrum) is a widespread and common species in the New Forest because it favours the extensive areas of woods and heaths colonised by birch trees, with which it has a special relationship and so is strictly associated with them.

Even in areas where birch trees have been felled, and where there are none, or only a few trees remaining, it may still be possible to see the Brown Birch Bolete fruiting singly or in a group, anytime during the summer, through to the autumn.

It is hemispherical becoming convex or flatter as it matures. Underneath the cap there are small round pores (that look like a sponge) that are greyish brown, or even a dirty white, in colour and that may bruise an ochraceous yellow when handled. The thick whitish stem, with no ring, is up to 20 cm long and is covered with coarse and woolly dark brown/black scales which is a distinctive field characteristic feature of its genus. Also, the overall size of the cap always looks rather small in proportion to the long stem.

With the comparatively recent revival of the use of natural dyes, Brown Birch Bolete can produce a green dye, if it is used with a suitable chemical mordant.

Leccinum scabrum, Brown Birch Bolete

ID Tip

ID Tip

This fungus can have a cap 5-15 cm across which is orange or reddish brown, to sometimes nearly grey, and is smooth and velvety when dry, but quite greasy when moist.

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