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Accessible walks (miles without stiles)

We’re working hard to remove the barriers, both mental and physical which can prevent people experiencing wild landscapes and enjoying the natural world.

The New Forest has a series of accessible trails and they are put into one of three categories; suitable for all, suitable for most and suitable for some. Our grading system is based on gradients and surface conditions. The grades are a guide only, so please weigh up your route choice carefully.

Route grade: suitable for all

Suggested users: Suitable for everyone, including pushchairs and people operating their own wheelchairs.

Gradient: No more than 1:10.

Surface: Tarmac or smooth, compacted stone with a diameter of 10mm or less. Path width will be a minimum of one metre with passing places.

Route grade: suitable for many

Suggested users: Suitable for assisted wheelchair users and families with more robust, all-terrain type buggies.

Gradient: Existing gradients no more than 1:10, although newly built gradients can be up to 1:8.

Surface: The path surface will be rougher stone of 4cm diameter or less.

Route grade: suitable for some

Suggested users: Strong and confident wheelchair users and helpers may find these routes within their abilities. May be suitable for off-road mobility scooters.

Gradient: Gradients are not limited but slopes greater than 1:8 will have improved surfacing or handrails.

Surface: There may be some low steps or breaks in the surface up to 10cm in height. Stone surface material may be up to 10cm in diameter.


  • For those with a class three mobility scooter and who fancy blazing their own trail, there is a network of cycling routes across the New Forest which have good robust surfaces.


National Park Volunteer and Access Officer


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