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New Forest walking app launches

New Forest walking app launches


An app has been launched to give walkers in the New Forest a new way to follow their favourite walks and learn more about the National Park.

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Developed by the New Forest National Park Authority, the free app features 27 walks ranging from longer hikes to short strolls for all ages and abilities.

It makes following the routes easier than ever, with GPS navigation allowing walkers to see their location at all times. This removes the need to read a map or decipher written directions, meaning a wider range of people can feel confident in taking a walk in the Forest.

Each route on the app features points of interest, where walkers can find out about the history or nature along the route that they might miss if walking without the aid of technology.

Adam Vasey, New Forest National Park Authority Access Ranger, said: ‘A walk in the countryside can be hugely beneficial for your physical and mental health. We want our walks to be available to people of all backgrounds, whether they know how to read a map or not, and the app helps us achieve this.

‘It also allows people to learn more about the National Park as they walk. We hope that this knowledge of how special the New Forest is will encourage them to care for the area when they are out walking.’

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