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Future Forest actions

Future Forest actions

Forest organisations have developed a new suite of 22 actions to manage recreation across the New Forest and beyond.

The actions were developed by the Recreation Management Strategy Steering Group (the National Park Authority, Forestry England, Natural England, Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council, Test Valley Borough Council and the Verderers) following public consultations in 2017 and 2018.

The top two actions people asked us to look at were:

  • educating people about how special the national park is and how to care for it
  • ensuring facilities such as car parks, walking and cycling tracks and community green spaces are in the right places to both protect rare wildlife and provide a better experience for people – a spatial strategy.

Other actions address the need for additional funds, further research and greater coordination between local authorities as they plan housing developments.

National Park Chairman


'We must all work together to manage recreation and ensure the Forest is fit for the future.'

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