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How you can help

We can all help to protect the planet. Taking a few steps, no matter how small, can all add up to make a positive impact on the environment


  • Leave your car at home and take more local trips by bike or on foot. Consider an electric bike or a more environmentally-friendly car
  • Make good use of public transport and trains. There are good rail links in the Forest with four stations, and in the summer the New Forest Tour buses let you get on and off wherever you like, or switch between routes, all on the same ticket
  • Shop local. You’re not only reducing your own carbon footprint but supporting local businesses and the economy. The New Forest Marque is the sign of true local produce, and has around 160 members
  • Join Hants Liftshare for free. By car sharing you can save money and help to reduce carbon emissions
  • Switch to a renewable energy tariff, and make sure your home has cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Make it draught-proof and use thermal lining in your curtains to stop heat escaping. Turn off lights when you’re not using them, and only boil enough water in your kettle as you need
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. Think about what you’re buying and if you really need it. Clothing production for example has a high environmental impact
  • Take litter home. Litter can harm the local wildlife and grazing livestock. Large bits of plastic can also break up into microplastics which find their way into our water courses and ultimately our beaches and oceans. Please carry a spare bag with you so if litter bins are full, or there isn’t one nearby, you are able to take your rubbish home with you to dispose of responsibly
  • Become a member of New Forest Transition, or go along to an event. The group aims to reduce the impact communities have on the local area through reducing fossil fuel dependency, creating less waste, increasing recycling, supporting local food, and sharing skills to build community resilience.
  • Create a wildlife garden. Plant flowers which attract bees and butterflies. Build a bug hotel or drill holes in an old log. Put up bird or bat boxes. Leave a gap in your fence for wildlife such as hedgehogs to pass through. Create a pond. Compost your cuttings. Leave an area of your garden to grow wild.



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