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Published Monday 11 May 2015

New Forest residents and organisations are asked to send their views on the latest revisions to the National Park Management Plan update.

The six-week period of consultation runs from 11 May to 22 June, focusing particularly on the changes made to the Plan following a ‘call for views’ consultation at the end of last year when 80 people or organisations gave their feedback on a first draft.

The update is being produced jointly by many of the organisations in the Forest and covers a wide range of topics, from conserving landscapes and habitats to understanding the special qualities of the Forest, supporting local communities and businesses and improving transport.    

It is not a complete re-write of the original 2010 Management Plan, but instead sets out a series of actions for the period 2015-20. 

Overall the response to the ‘call for views’ consultation was very positive and has led to a number of changes, including:

  • Updating the section on recreation
  • New actions relating to land management, enjoying the special qualities of the Forest and sustainable travel.

New Forest National Park Authority Chairman Oliver Crosthwaite-Eyre said: ‘The call for views last year was very informative and has helped shape the update for the Management Plan, which outlines how a number of organisations and communities will continue to work together to ensure the Forest’s fragile landscapes are protected and appreciated. We hope this consultation will be a further opportunity for people to have their say and help the Forest to thrive in the future.’

To view the draft update and where to send in your views, visit www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/ManagementPlan.


About the New Forest National Park Authority

Protect - Enjoy - Prosper

The New Forest National Park Authority’s statutory purposes are to:

  • Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Park - Protect.
  • Promote opportunities for understanding and enjoyment of its special qualities – Enjoy.
We also have a duty to:
  • Seek to foster the social and economic well-being of local communities within the Park – Prosper.

The New Forest National Park was designated in March 2005. Its unique landscape has been shaped over the centuries by grazing ponies, cattle and pigs which roam free. Majestic woodlands, rare heathland and a spectacular coastline provide fabulous opportunities for quiet recreation, enjoyment and discovery.

Visit www.newforestnpa.gov.uk to find out more.

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