A Celebration of childhood in the New Forest

Published Monday 7 December 2009

TV gardener and New Forest resident Charlie Dimmock is going back to her roots at a Celebration of Childhood in the New Forest National Park.

The event - to mark the 60th anniversary of national parks - will see pupils pose questions about childhood 60 years ago to a panel of long-standing Forest folk. Charlie is also expected to contribute a few anecdotes of her own childhood, growing up in the north of the New Forest.

The celebration, organised by the New Forest National Park, will be held in the historic Verderers’ Court, Lyndhurst, on Friday 11 December at 10am.

The pupils – age seven to 11 from nearby Bartley Junior School – have spent time in school learning about Forest traditions and have been busy preparing their questions for the panel.

Panel members will include commoners, a verderer, an expert on World War Two in the New Forest, a wildlife specialist and forestry manager.

The proceedings will be recorded so audio clips can be used on the National Park’s website and as educational resources for other schools.

Barrie Foley, the New Forest National Park’s interim Chief Executive, said: ‘Although the New Forest was only designated in 2005 it is right that we celebrate the passing 60 years ago of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act in 1949. It established how the countryside could be protected and enjoyed by future generations.

‘One of our crucial roles as a National Park is to further the understanding and enjoyment of this unique landscape. I’m delighted that we are able to bring the older generation of Forest folk together with the new generation so in the future they can help continue the traditions which make this place so special.’


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