Response to Queen's Speech announcement on National Park governance

A track through the woodland

Published Wednesday 4 June 2014

Today's Queen's Speech announced that 'Draft legislation will be published providing for direct elections to National Park authorities in England'.

New Forest National Park Authority Chairman Julian Johnson said: ‘We volunteered in 2012, when National Park governance was subject to a formal consultation by Government, to take forward a pilot for direct elections when Government had put in place the legislative framework needed to achieve this.

'We are now a step closer to this and look forward to working with Government during the Parliamentary process. In the meantime, we continue to work with communities and maximise opportunities for people to have their say.

'There are many ways for people to engage with us and tell us their views (such as social media, an enquiries mailbox, public meetings we hold and attend, quadrant meetings of parish councils, and through the 80 organisations on the consultative panel which we help facilitate). We always welcome any further suggestions.’

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