Clearer planning application system is trialled in the New Forest National Park

Published Friday 4 January 2008

People making planning applications in the New Forest National Park will be among the first to benefit from a new, clearer system.

Currently local planning authorities produce their own local planning forms. These often differ creating inconsistencies in the planning process.

‘1App’ is a new national planning application form that that aims to make the sometimes daunting process of making planning applications clearer, quicker and more consistent.

Steve Avery, Head of Development Control for the New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘This standardisation of the planning application form should make the planning system clearer and more efficient for planning professionals and the public alike.’

1APP is primarily designed as an electronic form which is now available online via the Planning Portal and through the Authority’s website.

1App has now started on a trial basis in the New Forest National Park and it is due to be launched nationwide in April 2008.

Mr Avery added: ‘The on-line system will accept the application form only when the necessary information has been included. So as more people submit applications on-line, this should reduce dramatically the number of incomplete forms that have to be returned and thereby speed up the process. The fact that the 1App scheme will operate throughout the country should also help to reduce confusion for applicants.’

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