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Published Wednesday 3 April 2013

The New Forest National Park Authority has confirmed its position on cycling in view of comments received from local residents and event organisers.

Cycling is an important way for people to get around the Forest, whether for work or pleasure, and a great way to enjoy its special qualities.  We welcome responsible cycling and in particular continue to support initiatives that encourage people to swap their cars for sustainable transport.

National Park members, however, have noted how the nature of cycling events has changed in recent years and are concerned that the increasing frequency and scale of large non-competitive events may be becoming incompatible with the New Forest National Park’s aims.

The Authority will therefore be putting in place a number of measures, where they fall within our remit, but are also looking to others, such as the Highways Authority, police and New Forest District Council’s Safety Advisory Group to play their part.

The New Forest National Park Authority will:

■    Monitor large-scale events to ascertain if the current regulations are adequate

■    Bring together a group of Forest organisations and cycling representatives to work with the existing Public Events and Safety Advisory Group (comprising the emergency services and New Forest District Council) to agree on a specific New Forest code of conduct for cyclists and New Forest charter for event organisers

■    Work with partners to promote greater dialogue with local communities about these events

■    Work with others to gather evidence about the impact of these events on the Forest, its residents and businesses.

We will actively monitor the situation and if we find evidence that the purposes of the Forest are being undermined we will consider calling for the authorisation and regulation of large scale cycling events.

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About the New Forest National Park Authority

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The New Forest National Park Authority’s statutory purposes are to:

■        Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Park - Protect

■        Promote opportunities for understanding and enjoyment of its special qualities – Enjoy.

We also have a duty to:

■         Seek to foster the social and economic well-being of local communities within the Park – Prosper.

The New Forest National Park was designated in March 2005. Its unique landscape has been shaped over the centuries by grazing ponies, cattle and pigs which roam free. Majestic woodlands, rare heathland and a spectacular coastline provide fabulous opportunities for quiet recreation, enjoyment and discovery.

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