Youths forge ahead with New Forest plan

Published Tuesday 8 April 2008

Young adults from a local youth theatre group have been representing young people’s views on how they would like to see the New Forest National Park managed.

The New Forest National Park Authority commissioned youth theatre group ‘Forest Forge’ to design and run a series of workshops to investigate the issues which affect young people in the New Forest National Park, which will feed into the New Forest Management Plan.

The workshops were held at Ringwood school, Oaklodge school and at the Forest Forge Youth Theatre. Their views and opinions were turned into a 15- minute play called ‘Our Shout’, performed by six young adults. It premiered at the last session of a series of management plan consultations to 70 key New Forest decision makers.

Nick Evans, Senior Planner, said: ‘The management plan is the Authority’s vision of how local people and organisations would like to see England’s newest national park managed over the next 20 years.

‘By working closely with Forest Forge we have been able to gather information about the issues which affect teenagers and young adults in the Forest and relay them back to our stakeholders in the form of drama.’

Budding actor, Mabyn Aita, said: ‘It’s great that the New Forest National Park Authority is listening to the views of young people in the Forest. Using theatre was a really good way to get our opinions across.’

Issues which were top of their list were: animal accidents, rural transport, how young people are perceived and how to enjoy the countryside safely.


Notes to Picture Editor:
Photo of Forest Forge Youth Theatre group performing ‘Our Shout’ at the New Forest National Park Authority’s management plan consultation

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Karen Evans, Communications Officer, New Forest National Park Authority
Tel: 01590 646650

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