Timescale for National Park Plan extended

Published Thursday 28 May 2009

The timescale for approval of the National Park Plan has been extended to the end of October to allow adequate time for the draft to be revised in the light of the many comments received.

Clive Chatters, Chairman of the New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘Given our commitment to listen to the views expressed, we have taken the time to go through the thousands of consultation responses carefully.  In addition we have undertaken an extensive programme of working groups and other meetings to look in detail at the issues that prompted most interest.

‘Uppermost in our minds is the need to do justice to the wealth of constructive and critical comments we received during the consultation and in the period since.  It simply would not be possible to do this and revise and rewrite the draft Plan in time for July.’

Mr Chatters added: ‘We are reluctant to publish a revised Plan during the summer holiday period.  As a result we aim to take a revised Plan for approval to the National Park Authority meeting at the end of October.

‘I firmly believe that we will end up with a better Plan as a result of this hard work – one that will help to safeguard the New Forest National Park for the future while ensuring that we can continue to enjoy it, which is a vision I think most can support.’

News of the extended timescale is included in the latest edition of the Authority’s Park Life newsletter, which will be available from today on the Authority’s website with distribution of paper copies to follow in a few weeks’ time.


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