New temporary road signs to highlight animal accidents

Published Tuesday 30 October 2007

The New Forest National Park Authority with support from the Verderers has provided portable signs as part of a new pilot initiative to combat accidents involving commoners’ animals on New Forest road

The pilot scheme will involve the Agisters leaving a temporary sign up at the site of an animal accident to raise awareness of where the incident happened.

The yellow and black, triangular signs state that an animal casualty has happened at that spot in the last week; hopefully prompting other drivers to be vigilant on the roads and not exceed the 40mph speed limit.

Nigel Matthews, Head of Visitor Services, said: ‘There are already lots of permanent animal accident warning signs across the Forest but these temporary ones should get the message across without unnecessarily spoiling the landscape.  We hope the signs help reduce animal accidents by raising awareness of the routes where most accidents occur.

‘This is especially important now that we are coming up to the 5 November when commoners’ animals are easily spooked by fireworks.’

Head Agister, Jonathan Gerrelli, said: ‘The Agisters have given their full support to this scheme. We will be placing the signs by the side of the road where there has been an animal accident. We want to encourage drivers to be aware of commoners’ animals.

‘Last year a total of 87 commoners’ animals died on New Forest roads and there were 12 accidents in the first 12 days of October this year; drivers need to be especially careful now the clocks have gone back, it is now getting dark much earlier.’


Media Contact:
Karen Evans, Communications Officer, New Forest National Park Authority
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