New faces digging up the past

Published Tuesday 26 May 2009

Two new faces have joined the New Forest National Park Authority.

Two new faces have joined the New Forest National Park Authority and its archaeologist Frank Green to help solve the mysteries of the archaeological remains along the 86 kilometres of the National Park and New Forest coastline.

The officers are part of a two year joint-funded maritime archaeology project which is part of a bigger national programme that aims to build a picture of what has been happening along the entire New Forest coastline. Archaeologists will also be studying aerial photographs dating back almost 90 years to locate previously unrecorded sites.

All the new evidence will highlight conservation ‘hotspots’ both on land and under the water to help the National Park Authority and its partners to develop their work in protecting and encouraging people’s understanding and enjoyment of the Park’s coastal heritage.

The project is being joint-funded by a number of organisations including the National Park Authority, Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage, Hampshire Country Council, ExxonMobil at the Fawley Refinery and The Crown Estate’s Marine Communities Fund.

Mark James, Project Officer, said: ‘My role will be to co-ordinate the marine survey parts of the project including all field-based studies and managing the experts working on the project.

‘I am looking forward to working with a variety of different organisations and to encourage members of the public to become involved.’

Education and Outreach Officer, James Brown, will be working with a variety of different groups explaining the types of sites and artefacts that have been found, he said: ‘I am looking forward to the challenge of getting a wide range of people interested in archaeology and getting them to think about what could be under their feet without them even realising.’


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