Mineral and waste consultation for Wiltshire residents in the National Park.

Published Wednesday 6 September 2006

The New Forest National Park Authority is consulting local residents in the Wiltshire area of the National Park, on the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy.

The strategy sets out the long-term vision and objectives for the planning and management of minerals and waste development.

On 1 April 2006, the National Park Authority became the minerals and waste planning authority for the National Park, including the area that lies within Wiltshire.

The majority of the National Park is in Hampshire and is already covered by the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy. The Authority is aiming to bring the area of the Park that lies within Wiltshire under the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy.

This will be important as, after adoption, the core strategy will be used to assess planning applications for mineral and waste developments in the New Forest National Park until 2020.

The document is subject to a six week public consultation period from Monday 28 August 2006 until 5pm on Monday 9 October 2006.  The Authority would welcome any views or opinions from Wiltshire residents in the Park.

Copies of the strategy and the background documents can be viewed at New Forest National Park Authority and Salisbury District Council or by visiting www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/index/planning/pl-planpolicy

Copies of the document and a response form can also be obtained by contacting the National Park Policy and Plans team on 01590 646673 or 01590 646672.

All responses should be sent to Policy and Plans Team, New Forest National Park Authority, South Efford House, Milford Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 0JD or emailed to policyandplans@newforestnpa.gov.uk


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