Logo and Mission Statement for New Forest National Park Authority

Published Monday 20 June 2005

The New Forest National Park Authority has been working to develop both its 'identity' and mission statement over the last few months and is now in a position to release both.

The Authority, with local agency, Blue Water Design, has been developing a new logo and identity for the National Park. Ideas were presented by Ann Hobden from Blue Water at the inaugural meeting of the National Park Authority on April 11. Comments from those that attended the meeting and others were considered by the members of the Authority at their second meeting on 17 May. They agreed which option should be pursued and refinements to the design of the logo were completed by Blue Water. This design is the final one and will appear on all material produced by the National Park Authority.

Says Susan Carter, Interim Chief Executive of the New Forest National Park Authority; 'We're very pleased with the final result. Blue Water worked to our brief to produce something that reflected the unique and special nature of the Forest, something that would stand out in a crowd and provide a very clear identity for us, that can be used on all occasions. We're delighted that so many New Forest people have taken an interest in the process and have given us their comments on the original four options .'

Alongside the new identity and central to everything it does is the National Park's mission statement. A first draft provoked lively debate by those who attended the inaugural meeting. Members considered their comments at the meeting on 17 May. Thiey agreed the mission statement should be confirmed as:

"We pledge to conserve and enhance the Forest's unique beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage and to inspire everyone to respect, understand and enjoy it. Working with partners, we will actively encourage all those who live, work and visit here to care for the Forest into the future."

The New Forest National Park Authority officially came into being on 1 April and enters a 'transitional' period until it is fully operational on 1 April 2006. The National Park Authority's two objectives are to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park and to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the Park's special qualities by the public.

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