Green is go for National Park Authority hybrid car

Published Tuesday 27 April 2010

National Park Authority staff can opt for a greener way to travel thanks to a new hybrid pool car available for Authority business trips.

The Honda Insight 1.3 IMA – which runs on electric and petrol – is very economical to run and has low fuel emissions.

The National Park Authority estimates it will save around £12,000 in fuel costs and 6.6 tonnes of CO2 over the three year lease – reducing the Authority’s total carbon emissions by 1%.

The vehicle was delivered this week by Salisbury-based Wessex Fleet Solutions following a staff survey in which nearly 70% of employees said they would use a pool car if one was made available.

Staff are encouraged to use public transport as the Authority’s preferred method for essential business travel but the car can be used where public transport is unavailable or impractical.

Chris Gregory, the National Park’s Transport and Tourism Officer, said: ‘Reducing the impact of traffic and transport on the National Park is one of the main objectives of the National Park Management Plan and it’s vital that we play our part.’

‘We have also signed up to a national campaign to cut our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.’

‘Hybrid technology is an effective way of reducing CO2 emissions. Having a pool car will also mean more people can car share on their journeys between home and work – this has previously been difficult because the passenger had no form of transport for business trips during the working day.’

Wessex Fleet Solutions Director Tim McNally said: ‘Green Car Lease is a division of Wessex Fleet Solutions. Not only is the vehicle reducing the Authority’s emissions but our lease with the National Park is carbon neutral too.

‘We calculate the amount of carbon emitted by every lease vehicle we supply and pay for sustainable energy projects – such as forestry restoration - to offset those emissions.’


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