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Some big issues are facing the New Forest in the coming years. The organisations with the main remit for both protecting the National Park and enabling people to enjoy it need your help to:

  • provide the best recreational experience for local people and our visitors
  • protect the very thing people come to see – the spectacular, yet fragile landscape which is a haven for many rare wildlife species
  • ensure limited resources are spent wisely.

The Forestry Commission, Natural England, Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council and the Verderers have asked the National Park Authority to lead on the consultation.

Call for views

The current approach is described in the Recreation Management Strategy 2010-2030. We first need to agree a much smaller number of high priority tasks alongside others that are more ‘business as usual’.

Over 1,500 individuals and organisations responded to an initial 'call for views' consultation in summer 2017. We're currently analysing all the feedback and will publish a summary of what people said later in the year.


  • 19 June to 13 August 2017: An initial ‘call for views’ to ask people about the overall rationale for managing recreation across the whole of the New Forest and surrounding areas, and to guide the development of revised and prioritised actions.
  • Late 2017/18: The update to the Strategy is drafted to reflect the feedback.
  • 2018: Public consultation on the draft update.

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