How do we do it?

Land advice service

We take as our starting point the natural environment and the benefits that the flora and fauna, watercourses and landscapes of the New Forest National Park provides – its natural capital and ecosystem services.

These help clean our air, provide fresh water and natural food supplies, and benefit both our economy and our health and wellbeing.

Then we ask ourselves how we can ensure that natural capital is not eroded and can therefore help us meet the needs of the economy and our communities, for mutual benefit. We want to ensure that the value of ecosystems services is recognised, and they are protected and improved.

This is not ‘greenwash’ or purely a talking shop. We are focused on actions which will make a clear difference on the ground, falling under four themes:

Green Halo themes

We will learn from innovations, ideas and experiences: from the best examples of urban renewal, regeneration and greening schemes; from landscape scale approaches, habitat enhancements and cultural projects.

We will work together to inspire further innovations to improve where we live and work and share these widely to stimulate further action.


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