Heritage on my doorstep

Heritage on My Doorstep

Lead Partner

New Forest National Park Authority

What is it about?

Heritage on My Doorstep aims to get people involved with and inspired by all aspects of their local heritage, and understanding, valuing and protecting it for the future. The project also aims to get them engaging the wider public in events, activities and interpretation to spread knowledge to the local community.

Members of eight communities will be trained in archaeology and history as well as skills such as surveying and archive research. The communities will then decide what they would like to research, promote and interpret, for example the local church, local genealogy, oral history or historic trails. It will provide an online resource about local heritage which will be publicly available, easily accessible, and will assist future decision making and support future funding opportunities. This work will demonstrate the wealth, breadth and variety of heritage across the New Forest’s landscape and encourage a ‘sense of place’ for the communities within it.

The project will:

  • engage at least eight communities with their heritage and help them understand the value of, appreciate and have pride in their local heritage, which in turn will lead to people to work together to care for heritage and reduce their impact on it
  • develop the skills and train volunteers from local communities in aspects such as identifying and recording their local archaeological, archiving, field surveying, research projects, interpretation projects and dissemination projects
  • make information available for future decision making and for focussed and prioritised conservation, therefore leading to better managed heritage
  • create a centralised web based portal that will become a learning resource for interested groups and individuals
  • develop community interpretation projects that will also educate locals and visitors about heritage
  • create a Community Heritage Forum that will share good practice and support training

Volunteering and Training

This is a completely volunteer led project and they are essential for its success and future legacy. Volunteers will lead community research and dissemination projects and will be supported and guided by the New Forest National Park Authority and other specialist staff.

Training will in principle be guided and requested by the communities. The Community Archaeologist will work with communities to identify training and development opportunities, which may also include visits, talks, workshops and shared experiences. Where possible training or workshops organised for one community will be offered to others if appropriate to ensure value for money.

Visit the training and volunteering pages for information on specific roles within the Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme.


The project will have a lasting legacy through the ability of communities to continue to research and disseminate their local history, therefore allowing them to become an active voice on a New Forest Heritage Forum. They will be able to sustain themselves as they will have the knowledge and expertise to disseminate their findings and heritage, and, alongside members of the public, continue to engage with, maintain and upload material to the Heritage Portal.

This web based portal will house a wealth of local heritage information for reference, decision making and opportunities for identifying future funding opportunities. This project will also see the membership of local heritage groups continue to grow and develop.

Contact Details:

James Brown - OPOF Community Archaeologist, New Forest National Park Authority

Tel: 01590 646695 email:

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