New Forest Knowledge

New Forest Knowledge

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New Forest Centre

What is it about?

New Forest Knowledge will be an electronic gateway providing access to the wealth of knowledge about the New Forest held in the New Forest Centre museum and the Christopher Tower library, and in libraries and databases elsewhere. Items such as books, maps, manuscripts, reports, paintings and photographs will be recorded digitally to preserve their accessibly for future generations.

New Forest Knowledge will be available online, making it accessible to all as users as anyone in their library, home or place of work can use it. Other users will include local history and archaeology groups, plant and animal wildlife groups, conservation groups, students and professional researchers. They will contribute new information to the system as it is discovered.

Watch the New Forest Knowledge video below.

The project will:

  • digitise and upload 6,900 items to the system
  • provide better availability of information, resulting in more informed decision-making in the management and conservation of the New Forest and an increased understanding and appreciation of the Forest's heritage
  • encourage a greater sense of identity with and pride in the Forest
  • identify, and where possible fill, gaps in the evidence being uploaded
  • create an informal network and online forum to foster information exchange and collaboration by working together, therefore enabling the sharing of information
  • upload 170 electronic acquisitions
  • provide 480 volunteer days through 20 volunteers.

Volunteering and Training

Volunteers from the community will help prepare catalogue and index entries of collections and, where relevant, photograph and scan items to be recorded.

They will also be involved promoting the availability of New Forest Knowledge and provide training in its use to schools, colleges and local environmental, wildlife, history, archaeology and conservation groups.

Training was given in use of the computer system to New Forest Centre staff and volunteers at the start of the project. Volunteers have also been trained in digitising information held in the Christopher Tower Library and championing it to potential users.

Visit the training and volunteering pages for information on specific roles within the Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme.


Partners in the project are committed to ensuring the legacy of facilities and services provided by the project continue after the project ends.

Contact Details

Kath Walker - Ecademy Project Officer, New Forest Centre

Tel: 023 8028 6150 email:

  1. Projects
  2. Working Woodlands
  3. Better Boundaries
  4. Conserving the Forest Fringe
  5. New Forest Invasive Non-Native Plants
  6. Living Waters
  7. Nature's Stepping Stones
  8. Rediscovering and Conserving Our Archaeological Heritage
  9. Historic Routes and Past Pathways
  10. New Forest Rural Skills
  11. Apprentice Rangers
  12. Building Skills
  13. Veteran Trees Skills
  14. New Forest Knowledge (you are here)
  15. Heritage on My Doorstep
  16. Common Cause: Verderers' Hall
  17. Foxbury: Connecting People with Places
  18. New Forest Connects
  19. Wild Play
  20. New Forest Arts Festival
  21. Monitoring Biodiversity
  22. Monitoring Behaviour Change
  23. Common Cause: Through Our Ancestors' Eyes
  24. Common Cause: Shared Forest


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