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caroline wilkins

Caroline Wilkins

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Caroline Wilkins

Caroline is a keen amateur photographer from the New Forest who mainly likes to photograph trees and animals and sees photography as a way of sharing her love of the New Forest and inspiring love and appreciation of the forest in others.

Caroline likes to capture the beauty and ethereal qualities of the forest in her mainly HDR photos and takes great pleasure in sharing her photos; believing that by sharing beauty and love of good things we can make people's days brighter and the world a better place.

A Franciscan priest, Caroline is co-founder and bereavement minister within the New Forest-based Bereavement Rescue, which provides free bereavement support to all, particularly in the New Forest. She sells prints and cards of her photos to support this ministry and to raise funds to build a Bereavement Rescue Centre here in the New Forest where people will be able to come and stay and receive specialist bereavement support and care, within the beautiful environment of the forest.


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