Seasonal Snaps competition

Spring 2015

A dozing donkey, galloping ponies and an adorable fox cub were among the prize winning images in the spring 2015 edition of Seasonal Snaps.

The photo contest attracted over 300 entries and over 2,000 votes between 22 April and 6 May 2015.

Three winners were chosen by a public vote on the National Park Authority’s Facebook page. A fourth winner was chosen by a judging panel. The winners were:

  • First – Suzanne Singleton, ‘Dozing in the spring sun’
  • Second – Keith Talbot, ‘Sunrise in Hawkhill Inclosure’
  • Third – Karen Woodward, ‘Quick! The next bus is due any minute’
  • Judges’ pick – Lara Maskell, ‘Fox cub by its den’.

View a gallery of all the winning entries.

A selection of the entries are in the board below, click on the board title to visit the Pinterest page and browse in more detail.

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