Dog walking

Dog walker sticker

Show you care

If you follow the New Forest Dog Walking Code, please display one of these window stickers. The stickers say 'I walk my dog responsibly' and are a great way to remind others that they should do the same. They are available at local information points, visitor centres, vets etc. or you can order one by e-mailing us at

If you are looking for a professional dog walker to exercise your dogs in the New Forest, please ask if they follow the dog walking code. 

We have also produced some credit card sized emergency hotline cards. These have the phone numbers you should call if you see lost, stray and out of control dog, or see a dangerous dog (e.g. chasing or attacking people, wildlife or livestock). You'll find the cards alongside the stickers or you can order by e-mail. The cards also have a reminder about the dog walking code so do pass them on to your friends to encourage them to care for the Forest too.

The key phone numbers are as follows:

POLICE (dangerous dogs, e.g. chasing or attacking people, wildlife or livestock)
999 (emergency)
101 (non-emergency)

DOG WARDENS (lost, stray and out of control dogs)
New Forest District Council
023 8028 5411 (office hours)
023 8028 5202 (out of office hours)

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