Dog walking

Dog walking in the snow

Please think of others

Remember that not everyone loves dogs (especially bouncy ones), some have dog allergies and few enjoy muddy paws on their clothes. Groups of dogs can be particularly intimidating to other forest users and horse riders (and their horses) can be badly injured if dogs chase them or bark, causing the horse to bolt.

Finally, no-one likes to step in dog waste! Unlike pony dung, dog waste contains nutrients which upset the balance of plant life. There is also a risk that people, especially young children, could be infected by toxocariasis which has been known to cause blindness. It is caused by roundworm parasites when someone accidentally swallows small particles of contaminated soil so it is important to keep places where families play and picnic as clean as possible.

For all these reasons local people have agreed a code of conduct for dog walking in the New Forest. Please read this code - and follow it.

  1. Dog walking
  2. Great places to walk your dog
  3. Keep your dog safe
  4. Help protect wildlife
  5. Please think of others (you are here)
  6. New Forest Dog Walking Code
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