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Case study: B&Q team building

balsamOn 28 May 2015, 28 B&Q suppliers and employees from distribution centres and the Corporate Social Responsibility team attended a team building day in the New Forest.

The group was split into teams and competed to pull up the most Himalayan balsam. Introduced to the UK in the 1800s, Himalayan balsam is a quick growing non-native invasive plant and tolerates low light levels, meaning it can shade out and exclude native wildlife. It can spread quickly if not removed, as each plant can produce up to 800 seeds that can be shot up to seven metres by explosive seedpods.

Led by Angela Peters and Craig Daters from the National Park Authority, the B&Q teams pulled up the balsam at a site near Redlynch in the north of the New Forest and stacked it into piles. At the end of the day the piles were measured and the group with the tallest mound of balsam were declared the winners.

This day allowed B&Q staff to get out into the great outdoors and help to conserve and protect the New Forest, while taking part in an enjoyable and competitive team activity.

Conservation days reinforce B&Q's commitment not to sell invasive non-natives in its stores.

Mandy Winser, Head of Omni Logistics & CSR, said: 'The afternoon exceeded our expectations – feedback has been brilliant with everyone so positive about both the team building benefits, CSR learning and the direct contribution we made to the forest.'

If you would like to arrange a team building day for your company, email Helen O'Brien, Corporate Partnerships Officer, at helen.o'

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