Publication scheme

tree line and grass land at Roydon Wood

Part A - introduction

  • What is the role of the New Forest National Park Authority?
  • What is a publication scheme?
  • Information about excluded material
  • Suggestions
  • Further information - The Information Commissioner's website includes more information about the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Part B - classes of information

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What we spend and how we spend it
  • What our priorities are and how are we doing?
  • How we make decisions
  • Our policies and procedures
  • List and registers
  • The services we offer

Part C - essential information about the scheme

Accessing information

  • The information contained in each class will be available in a variety of formats through the Authority website, email, hard copy or by inspection at the offices of the New Forest National Park Authority by prior appointment.
  • It is our aim to make as much information as possible available online. All major publications are published on online at the same time as hard copies.  Other publications are added in a continuing development programme.
  • There will be no charge for information in electronic format. However, it may be necessary to charge for hard copies of some documents (e.g. to cover part or all the cost of some printed publications, copying and postage costs). In such cases, you will have to pay any charges before the document is sent to you. Copying charges do vary, depending on the document concerned and officers will advise you of the fee on receiving your request - no charge will be made if copying and postal costs together are less than £10.

Information to be included at a later date

  • At present, mapping data is not available through the website, although maps are available in printed format subject to Crown Copyright restrictions relating to Ordnance Survey data.
  • Human Resources polices including those relating to recruitment and selection of staff, equal opportunities and health and safety.


  • All New Forest National Park Authority copyrights are reserved but material appropriately attributed may be reproduced for purposes of private study or research, with prior agreement.

If you would like any of these documents in large print, Braille or any alternative language or format please contact the Information and Data Protection Officer.

Information and Data Protection Officer
Lymington Town Hall
Avenue Road
SO41 9ZG

  1. Publication scheme (you are here)
  2. What is the role of the New Forest National Park Authority
  3. What is the scheme?
  4. Information about excluded material
  5. Suggestions


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