The validation process

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The validation process – this is the initial stages where the application is checked by the administration team.  If all the information supplied is correct this stage can be dealt with quickly, unfortunately we currently deal with up to 50% of applications being submitted that are invalid due to incorrect or missing information.  Please see the example Site Location, Block, Elevation and Floor Plans and also the list of the supporting Documentation requirements.

Applications should be checked within 3 working days, with either an acknowledgement letter being sent or contact being made regarding an invalid application.  Once an application is valid it is scanned and made visible on our website.  The application is made known to neighbours with all immediately adjoining neighbours being notified in writing and given 21 days to make their comments.  The complete planning file will be available to view at the Authority’s Reception.  Please call 01590 616615 (08:45 – 13:00) or email to book to view files where possible.

Where an application is invalid or an incorrect fee has been submitted, if the necessary information has not been received within 21 working days, the application will be returned and the fee refunded.


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