Application guidance

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Planning application guidance

About half the planning applications we receive are invalid when submitted. In particular problems arise when the following points have not been met:

  • unauthorised use of Ordnance Survey plans – A valid, up-to-date Ordnance Survey suppliers licence number must appear on all copies of the Site Location Plan otherwise the plans breach copyright.
  • all drawings submitted with your application must show all sides of the existing and proposed building regardless of whether the proposal can be seen from all sides. Hidden inset elevations will also be required.
  • plans should be dated and numbered, show their metric scale, a scale bar and include key dimensions.
  • electronic drawings should include the print size for example 1:100 at A3.
  • missing supporting documentation.

Your application will remain invalid if this information is incorrect or incomplete.

In every case, the relevant National and Local Requirements (supporting documentation) must be submitted with your application. Details on what requirements are required for each application type are listed in the Checklists found alongside the applications forms. More detailed information regarding each individual requirement can be found in Supporting Documents. Also see the links showing example Site Location, Block and Elevation/Floor plans.

Two full copies of each application are required, (four for dual applications eg Full and Listed Building Consent Application), unless submitting electronically. All applications must be in metric and please note that A3 size plans are preferable and we are unable to accept plans larger than A1 size.


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