National Grid landscape enhancement grants

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What schemes are eligible?

You can apply for up to £200,000 from National Grid to help reduce the visual impact of high voltage power lines in the New Forest National Park.

The Landscape Enhancement Initiative fund can support:

    1. Reducing visual impact at public viewpoints through:

    • Localised tree planting
    • Gapping up and/or changes in management of hedgerows or other field boundaries
    • Changes to trails, cycleways, footpaths, riding routes or other access routes, for example re-routing

    2. Enhancing landscape around pylons, transmission lines and substations through:

    • Enhance biodiversity by improved management of existing habitats or by creation or restoration of habitats
    • Enhance historic features in the landscape by restoration, consolidation and repair

    There is no fixed limit on the distance of eligible projects from the pylon line (map here), but in general impacts usually occur within 3 km of the line.

    Example projects

    • High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - ‘Beautiful Boundaries’ – restoration of hedges and fencing of ancient woodland, focusing on viewpoints that take the eye away from the pylons.
    • Peak District National Park – Central Longdendale Trails – Screening and re-focusing views with planting, creating disabled friendly circular routes to enhance the visitor experience, re-surfacing paths, seating areas.
    • North York Moors National Park – Over Stilton to Thimbleway upgrade to improve section of bridleway linking other paths, diverting users away from pylon line.
    • Snowdonia National Park – Woodland restoration, improving landscape and screening pylons, removal of invasive rhododendron and conifers. Traditional boundaries, stone wall restoration and hedgerows.

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    2. How to apply


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