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comunity wildlife plans

Case study: Community Wildlife Plans

Grant allocated: £32,540 (2013)

The project will enable New Forest Land Advice Service to support seven parishes to continue to undertake environmental surveys and habitat improvements in their local area that they have identified in their Community Wildlife Plans.

This includes restoring an old landfill site into a community open space with wildflower meadows, ponds and scrubby areas; removal of the invasive plant Himalayan balsam from the banks of the River Blackwater; and water quality testing and monitoring of Magazine Land stream in Marchwood. 

In addition there are a number of parishes and communities looking to join the project. These groups require assistance and support over a two year period to develop their conservation group, and a year to carry out improvements on the ground.

The project helps to:

  • conserve the biodiversity of the National Park by restoring and enhancing a wide range of habitats for the benefit of wildlife
  • raise awareness of why the New Forest is special and engage local communities in learning about the habitats and species in their area
  • support community groups, parish councils, schools and local organisations with advice and support to implement local land management and wildlife improvement schemes.

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