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Case study: Pondhead Conservation Trust

Grant allocated: £23,426 (2013)

Pondhead Conservation Trust has been set up to manage Pondhead Inclosure near Lyndhurst under licence from the Forestry Commission, using traditional woodland skills. The charity hopes its work will encourage a greater diversity of wildlife and plant life in the inclosure, and make the area more accessible for local people.

Volunteers will undertake a variety of conservation tasks, including coppicing areas of hazel, a traditional method of woodland management where trees are cut down to the stump to stimulate new growth. As well as benefiting the area's wildlife, this process produces timber that will be used to make high quality charcoal on site to sell locally.

The project helps to:

  • conserve the biodiversity of the National Park by restoring a unique area of ancient woodland
  • provide opportunities to engage people with the National Park by developing a network of volunteers to help manage the coppice
  • encourage communities to value and support their local trees, woodlands and forests. 

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