Sustainable Communities Fund


Sustainable transport funding 2013-16

From 2013 to March 2016 sustainable transport projects in the New Forest were funded by grants from two Department for Transport funds.

During this time the fund supported a total of 41 projects with over £500,000 of grant funds.

Find out more about some of the projects helping people to travel car-free in the New Forest and reduce the impact of traffic on the National Park.

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  3. Sustainable transport funding 2013-16 (you are here)
  4. Biodiversity funding 2016-17
  5. Funds available
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  7. Other funding
  8. Case study: Pondhead Conservation Trust
  9. Case study: Community Wildlife Plans
  10. Case study: Avon Tyrrell boat house
  11. Case study: Hyde church community centre
  12. Case study: Lymington harbour breakwater
  13. Case study: Shipwright's School at Buckler's Hard
  14. Case Study: Beamz, home-grown bicycles


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