Sustainable Communities Fund

There are many options available to those seeking work experience

How to apply

We welcome applications from individuals, businesses, organisations and community groups from the public, private and voluntary sector. Applications are assessed as and when received by the grants officer and chair of the assessment panel.

Before you make an application please contact the grants officer on 01590 646634 or to discuss your project idea. 

  1. Introduction
  2. How to apply (you are here)
  3. Sustainable transport funding 2013-16
  4. Biodiversity funding 2016-17
  5. Funds available
  6. Contact us
  7. Other funding
  8. Case study: Pondhead Conservation Trust
  9. Case study: Community Wildlife Plans
  10. Case study: Avon Tyrrell boat house
  11. Case study: Hyde church community centre
  12. Case study: Lymington harbour breakwater
  13. Case study: Shipwright's School at Buckler's Hard
  14. Case Study: Beamz, home-grown bicycles


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