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Case study: Shipwright's School at Buckler's Hard

Grant allocated: £20,000 (2013)

A new replica timber frame 18th century shipwrights’ workshop has been built at the historic shipbuilding village of Buckler’s Hard, on the banks of the Beaulieu River. The inspiration for the building was to see a return of traditional shipbuilding to Buckler’s Hard village, where over fifty warships were built for the British Navy during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The whole building process was run as a community training project to teach and demonstrate traditional building skills entirely within the publically accessible site.

The building will become the Buckler’s Hard ‘Shipwright’s School’ run in partnership with the International Boatbuilding Training College Trust (IBTC). A full-time shipwright will work with students on rotation from the main school in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. The training provided will help to ensure the continuation of much needed skills at both local and national level for the restoration of historic ships and support the traditional boatbuilding industry.

Visitors to Buckler’s Hard will also be encouraged to visit the workshop, take a taster session or even sign up for a full course. By seeing a practical demonstration of shipbuilding methods, it is hoped that everyone will gain a better understanding of the industry which gave the village a place in British naval history.

The project helps to:

  • enhance the cultural heritage of the New Forest by informing and educating communities on the conservation of heritage buildings
  • raise awareness of why the New Forest is special by promoting the importance of the history of Buckler’s Hard village to the wider community
  • support the provision of local food and goods through the use of local timber, recycled roof tiles and bricks from old estate buildings, and a focus on using traditional tools and methods.
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