Sustainable Communities Fund


Case study: Lymington harbour breakwater

Grant allocated: £2,000 (2014)

This grant has helped purchase gravel for Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to enhance the Lymington harbour breakwater to benefit nesting and roosting birds without impacting upon the main objective of sea defence.

Constructed by Lymington Harbour Commissioners, the breakwater is one of the few areas outside the seawall that sits above the level of high water spring tides. A membrane will cover the uppermost layer of rocks, and finer shingle material will be deposited over the membrane. It is likely that there will be a number of modifications to the sites that will be needed before there is any successful nesting, but monitoring will take place during 2015 to allow further changes to be made as lessons are learnt.

The project helps to:

  • conserve the biodiversity of the National Park by providing additional nesting and roosting sites for shorebirds in the area, in particular for little terns which are in steep decline throughout the UK and Europe. 
  • raise awarenss of the rich array of coastal species found along the New Forest coastline and encourage understanding of why the New Forest is a special place. 
  • encourage collaborative working by bringing together the sailing community led by Lymington Harbour Commissioners, the local authority, two leading wildlife charities and includes cooperative working with a major engineering contractor.

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