Sustainable Communities Fund


Case study: Avon Tyrrell boat house

Grant allocated: £25,000 (2012)

The project has built a sustainable boat house facility that is accessible to disabled people, includes a secure storage for boats and equipment, suits the historic site aesthetically and fits with the natural landscape. 

scfThe facility at Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre will be used by groups taking part in lake activities like canoeing, raft building and fishing as well as by campers using the adjacent field. The building will be timber framed, the south facing roof will have solar panels and the north side will be a green living roof. 

Fitted with solar and a heat pump system, the boathouse will be able to convert enough solar energy to heat 3,000 litres of water every day for the facility's shower block. Not only will the lakeside structure generate all the energy it needs to operate but also feed surplus energy back into the grid providing the charity with valuable additional income.

The project helps to:

  • conserve the biodiversity of the National Park by providing a facility that is in keeping with the cultural heritage and natural landscape of the surrounding area
  • reduce carbon emissions within the National Park by installing sustainable energy technology
  • promote environmental awareness to more than 10,000 young people expected to use the centre every year.

For more information visit the UK Youth website.

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